This Site Is a Work In Progress

Allspire Designs, formerly Allspire Coaching is morphing into something new and exciting.  Please stay tuned as new courses, coaching, and design services become available.

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Allison McDonald

Instagram post 2151798686829388570_7591861074 Been doing non computer tasks, while waiting on Catalina update to finish and noticing how much these two cute additions to my desk match. Thanks @blissfuldaysdesigns and @pusheenbox 😍 I also need to hang my last two #stringart pieces... And do more. #gettingcreative
Instagram post 2145161452306876773_7591861074 New desk comes tomorrow! Today I'm working on my laptop on my couch, but this is problematic! #cats #havelapwillnap #workfromhomeproblems #webdesign #graphicdesign
Instagram post 2124971511002428530_7591861074 These were unchosen drafts I made last year for a client. The process involves
1) an information gathering session, 2) pencil drawn concept thumbnails/drafts,
3) digital/vector drafts,
4) iterations on the clients favorite draft/elements, and
5) final design
Instagram post 1800476467077712767_7591861074 Thanks to all my teachers, support staff, and fellow students @durhamcollege ! Today I graduated top of my class in web design. It was an awesome experience and I will miss so many people. #dcgrad2018
Instagram post 1772649679228309883_7591861074 So proud of this talented artist and friend @artbyquinnx. Your thesis video was amazing and I loved your movement piece!  It was worth the scary no lights drive lol. 
Instagram post 1769756387394268877_7591861074 So here they are the final versions of my logo.  I have jumped on the current obsession with crystals and succulents, but that's not the only reason I chose crystals.  I wanted to highlight the process of clients digging deep for their content and Allspire helping polish those gems to present to the world.  My last logo's primary color was a calming, reliable blue.  I wanted to shift to the vibrant, enthusiastic, warm and friendly orange.  I also wanted to go with clean crisp sans-serif fonts with a bit of flair.  I hope you like this new shift as much as I do.  Thanks to all my friends who offered feedback during the development phase!

Instagram post 1768345614663171699_7591861074 Whether designing a custom coaching package or redesigning my logo, I feel feedback and iteration are essential to creating a better product.

You want to be selective with who you ask for feedback.  Think of how your "thing" is being received by your ideal audience.  For my logo, I asked for feedback from a few designer friends, but then also a few people I consider part of my audience archetype.  Ultimately you need to take that feedback and decide what is meaningful to act on and what may not make sense for your direction, but seeing different perspectives gives you a platform to make a more informed decision.

Iteration is so important, whether accompanied by outside feedback or simply experimentation. When designing for myself or others I don't just come up with one idea and follow it through to fruition.  I brainstorm ideas, draw out variations, flesh out some of those variations into a product and then collect feedback to inform which to bring to a final product.

Your content and message drives design, but even within that scope there is room to experience, evolve and be better!

Instagram post 1767520860783871933_7591861074 I've seen people get stuck because they couldn't commit to a concept or a brand or stay stagnant because they thought they couldn't change.  Sometimes it's ok to reinvent, revitalize and refocus, especially if what you have is not serving you.  Let it go and make room for something new.

I started my business 7 years ago and created this branding, which I loved and spoke to what I was doing at the time. The blue was a calming base and the script font spoke to the personal nature of coaching.  The bright lotus bud or flame (I love it's ambiguity) speaks to the growth the work invokes.