Graphic Design Process

Starting the Journey

For both full branding (color palette, typography, logo, and potentially iconography), and logo design packages, I first have a consultation via phone or preferably Zoom.  Together we determine whether we are a good match, and if we align, I gather essential information about your business mission, vision, services, and goals.  Once we’ve worked out exactly what you need done, I will put together and forward an estimate.  This ensures we are on the same page in terms of deliverables, timelines, and policies.  Once that estimate is signed and a deposit paid, I will proceed to the paper draft or concept phase.  For me, I very much want the client to feel a part of the process at every stage.  I want their creativity to work through me, so together we build something that speaks to the sensibilities, and mission of your business/project.

Next Step

Once the concept is fleshed out, I will produce digital drafts taking careful consideration to color theory, existing branding, and/or other design parameters.  We will then meet via Zoom to discuss the designs, and make some edits in real time.  This process can involve some time and iteration to fine tune.  It is important that the design feels just right for the client.  Once the final edits are complete, we are ready for the final step!

Final Step

After the design has been approved, I will do the final clean ups/tweaks to the file, and forward any required version.  These are come of the awesome clients I have worked with (click on the logo to visit their site):

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